A-LIVE (2018)

The series has been produced by Mercedes RSTAR with the collaboration of Cinnamon and Feeback. It's a branded series with one main protagonist: Nuova Classe A.

Andrea is a young student about to graduate. Life flows in front of her and seems to follow a path that doesn't satisfy her. While driving to go to his graduation discussion, a man comes into the car and threatens her with a gun. Marco it's a man with a mission and it won't stop until he'll succed. It's the beginning of an adventurous journey that will lead her to feel alive again. All aboard of the  car of the House with the Star, Nuova Classe A.


The series has been made under the programme SENSI CONTEMPORANEI CINEMA, a call for bid organized by Sicilia Film Commission and MIBACT. Being one of the winner project.

Anachronisme's story links togheter the cinematographic narration and the poetry, is one of the few poetical web series in the world panorama. It tells the story of Walter, a man that doesn’t leave his apartment since 7 years, lonely and tormented by a past he can not leave behind, sheltering in reading and poetry. One day, from the other side of the wall of his apartment, he hears a woman, Lisa, and starts being in contact with her, struggling to get rid of a tragedy from his past keeps torturing him, the loss of a dear person which he’s not able to let go.

HIDDEN (2016)

Considered among the ten best series in the world, for the ranking of the "Web Series world cup 2017". Winner of numerous international awards.


Five strangers to each other (Anthony, Veronica, Marco, Cristian and Eleonora) are ferried up to a mansion on an island by a glum bargee. From the rough sea they get off in a small dock hidden in a cave. They all accepted the invitation to dinner by a mysterious host. Once arrived and settled in, they meet in the main hall, where everything is perfectly prepared.. Suspicious and cautious, they wait the arrival of the patron, but no one shows up. When they are about to leave, a recorded voice nails them to the chair: they are accused to have attempted, provoked or caused the death of someone. For this crime, now they have to die. All of them.


Among the first digital series in the world to be purchased by a Pay TV. Broadcast on Canal Play (France), Watchever by Vivendi (Germany).

NOW ON BIGOP.TV (South America)

Stefano is a young blogger intent on discovering the existence of paranormal phenomena. Intrigued by the story of an abandoned villa, where it is said to have been atrocious crimes, he decides to venture inside. Soon his stubborn research will be rewarded. Something dark is hidden inside the house.

RUN AWAY (2013)

The first italian web series with cinematographic features!

Among the first digital series in the world to be purchased by a Pay TV. Broadcast on Canal Play (France).

NOW ON BIGOP.TV   (South America) and ASIAN MARKET.

Run Away tells the shadows, the nightmares and the fears that we often carry inside. The story tells of Jonathan, a boy who does not know how he woke up on an apparently uninhabited island, immersed in a meaningless dimension, as in dreams. Well soon, however, the nightmare of loneliness will be replaced by the anguish caused by mysterious presences.


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